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Review Text Singer/songwriters Bill Cooper and Bette Kron are an unlikely duo, a folk-rock musician and a church organist. But together, this harmonious marriage of acoustic guitar and piano provide a dynamic foundation for Bill's rich warm voice and Bette's closely woven harmonies. With an off-beat sense of humor and fearless transparency, Nightsong's music reveals the genuine Jesus, who loves us 'just the way we are'. Bill and Bette are from the North Fork of Long Island, NY. They've been singing together since 1998, playing in churches, coffeehouses, conference centers, and colleges across the Northeast region. How'd they get together? Here's their story. Bill Cooper was born into a Navy family, stationed in Portsmouth, Virginia,the first of six children. He was brought up in the Southern Baptist Church, and gave his life to the Lord at an early age. Music has always been an important part of Bill's life. At eight years old, he began taking guitar and piano lessons. In his teens, he played with various bands in southern New Jersey where he attended high school, and in his twenties,worked the Boston club circuit as a singer/songwriter. But as his musicianship and experience were expanding, his faith-walk was fading away and his life-style was taking him down a dangerous road... a road that almost cost him his life. By the time Bill finished a hitch in the Marine Corps, he was a young husband and father returning to his family's hometown on the eastern end of Long Island in New York to settle down and raise a family. By this time, it seemed that any chance of seriously pursuing his music was over, so he put down his guitar, picked up his tool belt and went to work as a carpenter. But God had a plan for Bill...a purpose and a destiny that Bill had never dreamed of. As a result of God's intervention, Bill returned to the faith of his childhood and found his way to an evangelical church where he re-committed his life to Jesus Christ,and 'just happened' to meet Bette Kron. Bette was born and raised on the eastern end of Long Island,and from an early age was trained to become a musician. By the time she was seventeen, she was already a church organist and it was just an accepted fact that she would enter college as a music major. Accepted by everyone but Bette. 'I just didn't have the heart for it. What a shock to everyone when I decided to become a home economist. They couldn't believe I was throwing away all those years of preparation, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.' Throughout her late teens and twenties, Bette continued to take organist jobs, but they were just Although she'd been 'raised in the church', Bette had never made any kind of commitment to Christ, and she eventually became deeply involved in the New Age movement. It wasn't until the Kron's returned to eastern Long Island to raise their family, that the Lord began to challenge those New Age beliefs, and to draw Bette back into the life of her hometown church, a biblical world view, and a life-saving relationship with Jesus Christ. One evening, Bette's husband Gary came home from their church's worship team rehearsal and told her about a new member of the team... a guitar player with an awesome voice. He said his name was Bill Cooper and Gary thought that he might just be the guy to sing the songs Bette'd been writing for years and stuffing in the piano bench. Maybe even be the one to cut a demo for that 'imaginary' business they laughingly called...Nightsong. When Bill and Bette met that Sunday morning in 1993, the topic wasn't was football. God must indeed have been laughing when he brought together a classically trained, Michael W. Smith/Amy Grant/Rich Mullins, rabid Buffalo Bills fan (Bette) and a Lyle Lovitt/Jackson Browne/John Hyatt folk-rocking, passionately dedicated NY Jets fan. Not exactly a recipe for a successful musical partnership. But, that's exactly what God had in mind that morning. In April of 1998, Bill an

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