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Review Text NEXT O'KIN THE WECKERLY FAMILY Next O'Kin has undergone several name changes over the years. Originally from the Sligo area and known as The Kings Choir, they began singing as a group in the late '60's with the circuit riders from their local Methodist church. Four brothers, Darl, Gary, Harold, and Jim, joined their voices with those of their three sisters, Jane, Ruth, and Kay Weckerly to perform songs they grew up listening to in church or at family gatherings. Reunited in the late 90's the group became known as The Weckerly Family. Four of the original seven siblings enjoyed bringing gospel or country music to area churches, nursing homes, and community events. Raised in a music-loving home, with music permeating each of their childhoods, the Weckerly Family enjoyed familiar old gospel tunes and country favorites. More recently the group has changed their name to Next O'Kin, a phrase taken from one of their favorite songs. Leading the group with vocals and guitar is Darl Weckerly, patriarch of the family. Harold Weckerly sings tenor and plays bass guitar. Jane Mohnkern and Ruth Snyder add alto and soprano voices to the mix, respectively. Joining these original group members as their schedules permit, is a second generation. Offering their musical talents as backup guitarists are Jake and Ben Snyder (Ruth's sons), Matt Sowl (a distant cousin), and Christopher Mohnkern (Jane's grandson). Ruth's daughter, Lauren, is also a backup vocalist. Rounding out the group is Larry Snyder, the sound technician and Ruth's husband. A few more contemporary songs have made their way into the family's repertoire as well as some reworked old favorites. The family enjoys performing together and ultimately wants their audiences to enjoy the music and to feel free to sing along with them during any familiar tunes.

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