Chapter 1: Sandworm Cometh Early Recordings


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    Chapter 1: Sandworm Cometh Early Recordings Darla Distribution

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Review Text Drawing from the band's early 7"s, unreleased material, and compilation appearances, My Morning Jacket's two reissues from Darla show that the band already had a large back catalog before its first full-length. And with 28 tracks between the two "chapters," this is a wonderful gift to the fans and shows a more personal and simplistic side of MMJ. Even without a full band and less reverb for most of these tracks, the sound from Jim James and the rest of the group (guitarist Johnny Quaid, bassist Two Tone Tommy and drummer J. Glenn) is rich with emotion and imagery. The covers of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" and Elton John's "Rocket Man" fit neatly beside originals such as "I Just Wanted to Be Your Friend" and "Evelyn Is Not Real." Along with other such gorgeous moments as "Weeks Go by Like Days," it's easy to hear how the talent was already in place so early in MMJ's career. ~ Kenyon Hopkin

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Weeks Go by Like Days - 4:16
  2. 2. What Will I Do? - 2:35
  3. 3. M. White Rabbit - 2:29
  4. 4. Downtown - 2:36
  5. 5. I Just Wanted to Be Your Friend - 2:29
  6. 6. Time Never Gets - 2:43
  7. 7. They Ran - 4:33
  8. 8. Evelyn Is Not Real - 3:31
  9. 9. Isobella w/The White Umbrella - 3:04
  10. 10. Josta Dreams and Bitter Hands - 2:41
  11. 11. Old September Blues (Ga-Ed Out) - 6:44
  12. 12. When Will They Come?? - 2:17
  13. 13. Somebody Cares About the Maestro - 2:01
  14. 14. Rocket Man - 5:59

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