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    Same (Ita) Splasc(H) Records

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Review Text There is something distinctly appealing about the Italian quintet calling itself Mufloni. Part of it lies in the original melodies and arrangements by trumpeter David Baoto and tenor saxophonist Marcello Allulli that work within the tradition, but nonetheless are just quirky enough to raise the listener's eyebrows. You can hear slightly distorted folk melodies and snippets of humor mixed with post-bop sensibilities to create something that just catches your attention. There are also the excellent performances by each of the members of the group, but particularly by pianist Glauco Venier and trumpeter David Baoto. The trumpeter impresses with his lush sound and fluid concept, while the pianist alternates between a romantic style and one filled with tasteful eccentricity. There is a joy emanating from these young musicians that manifests itself throughout the music. Ultimately, there is much beauty and flair, a class effort that inspires and offers more than the usual fare. ~ Steven Loewy

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