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    Inside The Walnut Shiretown

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Review Text If justice had prevailed, Inside the Walnut would have resulted in a deal with a major label for Motorplant; this 1998 release is an excellent slice of alternative power pop. But then, justice doesn't always prevail in the music world. All too often, a lucky break has a lot more to do with who you know than what you know. Regardless, indie rock enthusiasts consider Inside the Walnut the best album that Motorplant recorded in the 1990s -- and it isn't hard to see why. This is an impressively consistent effort; there are a total of 18 tracks, and not once is the listener subjected to a lapse in quality. When you see 18 tracks listed, it's easy to be cynical and fear that the CD will be uneven -- if Inside the Walnut had been uneven, it certainly wouldn't have been the first time that an album contained a blend of memorable gems and pedestrian filler. But unevenness isn't a problem on Inside the Walnut. Motorplant grabs your attention with the opening track, "Waterlogged," and when the 18th and final track, "Crumble," is playing, you find yourself admiring the fact that the band has made it through that many songs without losing your attention. Considering how much Inside the Walnut has going for it -- crisp melodies, strong hooks, memorable vocals -- you can't help but wish that one of the majors had signed Motorplant in 1998. But again, it has to do with connections; the inferior bands that had more lucky breaks than Motorplant in 1998 knew the right people. However, that doesn't make this CD any less appealing; anyone who tells you that Inside the Walnut is the best thing Motorplant recorded in the 1990s speaks the truth. ~ Alex Henderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Waterlogged - 3:17
  2. 2. Broken Heart Disease - 4:30
  3. 3. What You Want - 4:19
  4. 4. Born to Lose - 2:16
  5. 5. Star Boy - 3:14
  6. 6. See Saw - 4:22
  7. 7. Pop 45 - 3:08
  8. 8. Take the Blame - 4:55
  9. 9. Live Free or Die - 4:38
  10. 10. Fault Guy - 3:44
  11. 11. Extinct - 4:51
  12. 12. Us - 3:50
  13. 13. I Wait for You - 3:40
  14. 14. Get It - 3:10
  15. 15. Ovulating - 4:38
  16. 16. Grave - 4:59
  17. 17. Little John - 4:00
  18. 18. Crumble - 3:19

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