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Review Text Taking note from Weezer and the like, Moth manage a healthy dose of geek rock on their debut Provisions, Fiction & Gear while maintaining an originality all their own. They're fresh and clean, delivering spiky cut riffs while lyrics are unpretentious about love and heartbreak. Frontman Brad Stenz's vocals have a rough-edged drawl and part of Moth's charm is their vibrancy to strike a pop chord. First single "I See Sound" bounces with loud, infectious hooks and the trigger-happy "Hearing Things" resonates a nerdy pop feel with swishing percussion. Rhythmically, Moth is tight. Their musicianship plucks from post-grunge, but with a lush feel of emotion. "Last Night's Dream" and "Lovers Quarrel" highlights Moth's bittersweet darkness, but the churning, hard rock snarls of "Sleepy" and "Cocaine Star" stay close to the band's initial desire. Provisions, Fiction & Gear caters to a wider audience rather than playing favorites with just the pop kids. Fans of Camper Van Beethoven and Cheap Trick would find Moth's pop/rock chaos to be equally infectious to the punk revivalists coming and going throughout the new millennium. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I See Sound - 3:10
  2. 2. Thinkin' Please - 4:36
  3. 3. Hearing Things - 3:17
  4. 4. Burning Down My Sanity - 4:08
  5. 5. Last Night's Dream - 4:31
  6. 6. Leftovers - 3:17
  7. 7. Lover's Quarrel - 4:03
  8. 8. Cocaine Star - 3:39
  9. 9. Plastics Campaign - 3:18
  10. 10. Sleepy - 4:48
  11. 11. Straight Line - 5:42
  12. 12. Not Really - 3:20

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