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Review Text Monocle Bird is a multi-generational band that formed in 2010. Although the members had widely varying ages and musical backgrounds they shared a common interest in classic rock and a desire to create original music. This collaboration resulted in songs that employ elements from various styles and genres against a classic rock canvas. In addition to writing songs about 'timeless' themes such as struggling with secrets, relationship issues and even suicide, the band also went on to explore themes that did not exist during the era of classic rock, such as the hazards of internet dating, becoming enslaved by technology, the fallout of the recent financial crises and even the 'back to the farm' and neo-pagan movements. The result is an album that appeals to fans of classic rock with lyrics that are more relevant to life in the 21st Century. From the swing feel of Walkin' the Dane, the Spanish Guitar intro to True Colors, the spiritual influence in Life Goes On, the Middle Eastern scales used in Where to Now? and brief forays into country and folk, the music appeals to a wide audience.

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