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After the success of Nanook of the North, Paramount asked its maker, Robert Flaherty, to shoot a film of life in Samoa. Moana was not the hit that Nanook of the North was, but it still was something of a landmark film; critic John Grierson referred to it as a documentary -- the first time this term was used. Although Flaherty knew next to nothing about the South Seas, he forged right ahead and found the tribal chief Savaii, who allowed him to film his people's day-to-day existence, including their capture of a sea turtle and a wild boar. Much of the film centers on Moana, the son of the tribal chief, and his romance with one of the native girls. According to Samoan customs of the day, a boy was inducted into manhood by a tattooing and piercing ritual, which is shown in detail ("may prove disagreeable to some women," trade paper Film Daily warned). ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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Release Date
Kino Video
MPAA Rating
NR -- Not rated
1 hour, 38 minutes
  • Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono (Recorded in mono, but split to give the illusion of a stereo mix on home theater systems).
  • USA & territories, Canada
Video Features
  • "Moana With Sound: A Short History," a 39-minute documentary
  • "About the Restoration" (12 Min.)
  • Flaherty and Film: Moana (1960), a 17-minute interview with Frances Flaherty by Robert Gardner
  • Flaherty family home movies (5 Min.)
  • "Twenty-Four-Dollar Island" (1925, 10 Min.), an experimental "city symphony" by Robert Flaherty
  • Filmed commentaries by historians Enrico Camporesi and Bruce Posner
  • Promo trailer (2015)
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