Eye Uv The Cyclops 300


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    Eye Uv The Cyclops 300 Asphodel

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Review Text Following up his full-length debut, Anti-Theft Device, armed with two turntables equipped with needles that shoot out audio laser beams, Mix Master Mike enters battle on this efficient, four-part suite containing 11 tracks. The music is centered around an attack by extra-terrestrial beings; the first suite, "Eye of the Cyclops," is the preparation for intergalactic warfare featuring alien-sounding gurgles, attack sirens, and the approach of the invading enemies. Suite two, "Agent Scanner 12," puts defenders of the musical universe into the fray with commanding force. The sonic counter-attack that follows fires some of the funkiest breaks ever created in the history of turntable music. The audio war rages on in the two final suites, "Catapilla Spit" and "Solar Planet," complete with the sounds of combat exchange, retreat, and triumphant warfare. With Eye of the Cyclops, Mix Master Mike expands the realm of possibilities of this musical medium rather than simply pushing vinyl back and forth across the stylus. This is a 23-minute space adventure, futuristic war, and victory not only for the galaxy, but also for the universe between the listener's ears. ~ Douglas Siwek

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Trashcan - 1:37
  2. 2. Human Torch - 1:37
  3. 3. Patrol Knob - 2:36
  4. 4. Bermuda Tri-Axl - 2:51
  5. 5. Counter Attack Now - 1:17
  6. 6. Harsky and Starch - 2:09
  7. 7. Dwart 9 - 2:40
  8. 8. Cummm Get Summm - 2:25
  9. 9. Dented Fridge - 3:51
  10. 10. Gravity - 4:42
  11. 11. Bazooka Kanyon - 3:21

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