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    Mindy Mccready 0302 Capitol

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Review Text Mindy McCready is the very embodiment of contemporary country's inclusionary, mainstream-oriented aesthetic. While she retains a modicum of country twang, and the songs bear the storytelling orientation that is a Nashville trademark in any era, rock guitars, pop synthesizers, and adult contemporary production values are key elements of the sonic vision on this self-titled album. McCready's pop-culture-friendly modernism is displayed in the lyrics as well as the music. Witness her ideal man on "Lips Like Yours," for instance, who drives up playing "Tony Bennett on the stereo," not George Jones or Hank Williams, and later gets nothing more down-home than "sushi to go." It's a tradition for artists to title their debut albums eponymously; while this is not McCready's first recording, perhaps she chose to give it her own name because it so accurately represents what she's all about as an artist.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Maybe, Maybe Not - 4:38
  2. 2. Lips Like Yours - 4:52
  3. 3. Lovin' Your Man - 4:54
  4. 4. Be With Me - 4:51
  5. 5. Fire - 3:12
  6. 6. Scream - 4:38
  7. 7. I Just Want Love - 4:44
  8. 8. Don't Speak - 4:12
  9. 9. If I Feel Your Hand - 4:00
  10. 10. You Get to Me - 4:32
  11. 11. Tremble - 4:50

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