Mighty Stars Are Go!


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    Mighty Stars Are Go! Avebury Records

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Review Text The Mighty Stars are another in a long line of U.K. groups that bash out simple garage-punk-pop songs with unabashed charm and can-do spirit. Starting with the early Beatles and working through the Billy Childish bands, this simple approach to rock & roll has produced many great songs and albums. The Mighty Stars haven't done either, but their The Mighty Stars Are Go! EP is a pretty decent attempt. Pleasantly energetic, moderately tuneful, and lo-fi but not noisy, the five songs here won't win any points for originality but won't make you want to throw the disc into the nearest trash bin either. Best of the lot are the Comet Gain-sounding "Go!" and the excessively punctuated "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!," which is a sweet doo wop-flavored ballad. The kids in the Mighty Stars have their hearts in the right place and they have potential; whether you need this or not depends on the level of your fanaticism toward primitive British pop & roll. ~ Tim Sendra

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! - 2:10
  2. 2. Go! - 2:46
  3. 3. Suzanne - 3:14
  4. 4. Let's Play - 4:48
  5. 5. Small Wonder - 4:30

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