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Review Text I'am in the Midst of Lions; I lie amongravenous beasts - men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords. Be exalted O' God, above the heavens; let Your Glory be over all the earth. (Psalms 57:4-5) ___ A little about Midst of Lions: Midst of Lions is a ministry. With the ability to play plugged, or unplugged, to play a concert of original material mixed with worship covers, or to play a worship service and get together with people who thirsting for God, and are hungry to worship Him. Midst of Lions' main desire is to be tool for God, and an asset to the Kingdom. When ever, and where ever Midst of Lion's gets a chance to play we want to both get out there and help be people have a good time, and also more importantly have people experience the presence of God in thier lives strongly, so that they will truly have victory in thier lives and be able to rise above all of lifes circumstances. A little about Midst of Lions members: Midst of Lions is fronted by Susan Croston. ''Of all the singers that we had either in the band or that auditioned for us, Susan came to us not only as an awesome singer, but as a minister. Working with her was an opportunity that we couldn't pass up.'' - Aaron Lucas. Susan is a member of Harvest Christian Center based in Taylor, MI, and Pastored by Pastor Grover Ramey. She is also a graduate of World Harvest Bible College in Ohio. Susan not only has an annoited voice, but also plays guitar and piano, and is a gifted song writer. At her church Susan works both in the music and childrens ministries. Guitarist for Midst of Lions is Aaron Lucas. Aaron is a member, and worship leader of Metropolitain Tabernacle Ministry Center, which is based in Melvindale, MI and is Pastored by Pastor Frank Lucas, and Pastor Alan Webb. Aaron and Susan attended the same High School. Bassist for Midst of Lions is Jeff Tucker: Jeff is a member of Tri-City Christian Church based in Canton, Mi and is Pastored by Pastor Rocky Bara. Jeff also works in the music ministry at Tri-City. Aaron and Jeff have played together on and off for the better part of 5 years, previously they played in the band River's Risin.' Drummer for Midst of Lions is Mike Tucker Jr: Mike is also a member of Tri-City Christian Church based in Canton, Mi and is Pastored by Pastor Rocky Bara. Mike also works in the music ministry at Tri-City. Mike is the source of laughter in many pratices, and show's. Midst of Lions is represented by Cathy Tieppo. Reach her at BookMidstofLions@wowway.com (734) 558-5951 Other methods of contacting the band are MidstofLions@wowway.com ~ or ~ (313) 768-5474.

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