Ojo De Tiburon


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    Ojo De Tiburon Appleseed Records

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Review Text Greene's album is a far more respectable effort than that of most actors and actresses crossing over into the record world for the first time. Certainly it has far more integrity than most such ventures as well; it's doubtful that many Americans trying to do a cash-in album on the back of their acting success would record a CD in which the majority of lyrics are in Spanish. While it's fair to say she'll remain more known for her acting, Ojo de Tiburon is a pleasant and accomplished effort. Greene has a nice, just slightly tremulous voice, and her songs are slightly sorrowful, subdued works at a midpoint between Latin folk and genteel American singer/songwriting. Ciro Hurtado's production is tastefully spacious and understated, emphasizing acoustic guitar and sparse cello, percussion, and violin. As the lyrics are more often in Spanish than English, its crossover appeal may be limited, though bilingual lyrics are provided in the sleeve. ~ Richie Unterberger

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CD: 1

  1. 1. Siempre Volvemos - 4:21
  2. 2. Ojo de Tiburón - 4:28
  3. 3. One Day - 4:55
  4. 4. Somos Iguales - 4:12
  5. 5. Tierra del Alma - 4:55
  6. 6. Ballad of Robert Martin - 4:59
  7. 7. Destino - 6:36
  8. 8. Mundo Entero - 4:56
  9. 9. I Know What I Know - 5:42

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