Event Horizon 1097


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    Event Horizon 1097 London/Sire / London

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Review Text The movie itself is a less than subtle attempt at the well-trodden theme "there are things man was not meant to know," and Kamen's score (recorded in cahoots with an orchestra and ambient-industrial band Orbital) fits right in with that lack of subtlety, spending much of the time in undignified thundering and howling -- unless Orbital are to the fore, in which case it's a lot of undignified thumping and grinding with the odd spot of howling and shrieking. The music might be unnerving under the right circumstances, but on the whole it's unmemorable. Suggestion: read the book and air out the soundtrack to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. ~ Steven McDonald

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. The Forward Decks: Lewis & Clark / Neptune / Clare / First Containment / Core / Metal / Second Cont - 14:01
  2. 2. The Main Access Corridor: Singularity / Ducts / Turbulence / Medical / Gravity Drive - 12:04
  3. 3. Engineering: Tomb / Blood / Countdown / Outer Door / Bio Scan - 13:24
  4. 4. The Event Horizon: Weir / Event Horizon - 5:57

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