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    Mechanical Horizon Metropolis

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Review Text Mechanical Horizon is a release that reinforces Decoded Feedback's reputation of being able to put a solid album together. Washes of sound serve as a backdrop for solid-beat electro arrangements, the bass vocals of Marco Biagotti completing a picture of a broken darkwave future. Mechanical Horizon is a welcome addition at a time when many electro-industrial artists are taking cues from the rise of the synth pop scene. Decoded Feedback provides a contrast to this, sporting a darkness and gravity in its arrangements and mixing soft- and hard-edged electro sounds, without overburdening the music with noise and ambience. Tracks do not race against the beats-per-minute counter but retain their impact (such as "Immortal"). The dark EBM feel also works well in the faster tracks (such as "Dark-Star," a very dancefloor-friendly track), and helps lend a sense of variety to the release. Decoded Feedback has also covered the Fields of the Nephilim track "The Sequel," a welcome tribute for fans of the goth rock band. Mechanical Horizon is a listenable release with more than a few very good tracks, completing any collection of this band's work. ~ Theo Kavadias

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Reflect in Silence - 7:35
  2. 2. Atlantis - 5:28
  3. 3. Celestia - 6:57
  4. 4. Dark-Star - 5:46
  5. 5. Immortal - 5:57
  6. 6. Kill to an End - 6:51
  7. 7. Existence - 5:12
  8. 8. Sequel - 3:34
  9. 9. Desire - 6:45
  10. 10. Mechanical Horizon - 5:22
  11. 11. Fear 2000 - 6:53

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