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    Mood Mantras CD Baby

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Review Text Macedonian born Maya came to England in the early 1990's to complete her training as a classical pianist and was soon playing to audiences as diverse as The United Nations Assembly and members of the Royal Family at private recitals with her dazzling virtuosity. In 1995, she released her debut album 'Cross of Silence' to critical acclaim, described by Q- Magazine as 'The point where ambient, dance, world and classical music all meet, at the crossroads of quiet dignity and power'. Maya's CD, Mayaspace, is a fusion of Yoga mantras and music of chilling beauty. It features guest spots from friends and peers such as Deepak Chopra. In January this year Maya released a new CD, Mood Mantras, which is a remix of various Mantras. Having practised all kinds of yoga for years, Maya decided in 2003/04 Maya to train to be a Kundalini Teacher. She learnt under Shiv Charan Singh at the Karam Kriya School in London. The name given to Maya at the naming ceremony is Har Bhajan, which means praise the name of God, Divinity& Infinity, through Sound and Mantra. Maya therefore feels destined to teach Kundalini with the help of her musical background. Maya uses her original music in her classes, which she also performs live in concert. In the last couple of years Maya has grown her yoga activities across various mediums and her first DVD was launched in 2007, distributed mainly in the UK and USA. A TV production of Maya and the 7 Chakras through Kundalini Yoga has been completed. It was launched on the Sky platform, via Body in Balance (Bib) in the UK in June 2008 and has since been shown three times a day, 7 days a week. In August 2008 a DVD box set, A Journey Through the Chakras - The Base Chakras was launched. Maya is also working on her first book.

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