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Review Text About Maureen The Singer 'Power and passion' are words that have been used to describe Maureen Kelly's voice and music. Maureen blends life experience with her Jazz/Rock/Gospel leanings and a love of folk to create her own contemporary sound. Maureen studied music, but decided to leave school, join a band and experience the real world. 'I hit the road in a beat up 65 Chevy pickup, traveling around Alberta Canada with 3 guys in the middle of winter. I knew I was in for a wild ride.' Since then Maureen has performed all over the US and much of the world, including performances at The Sahara Tahoe, The Portland Rose Festival, The Amnesty International 'Poetry of Witness' concert and at the 'Voices of Reconciliation' concert preceding Archbishop Desmond Tutu's address in Portland. While living and performing in LA Maureen's singing and songwriting ability caught the attention of songwriter Bert Carroll, TV and film producer/director Steve Binder and harmonica player Lee Oskar, who encouraged and helped her to record her own music. The combination of Maureen Kelly's lyrics, melodies and vocal performance is truly remarkable. When she sings people listen. Joe Puleo of WIDR radio said '...Never heard of her before, but I know I'll never forget her now.' The Songwriter Maureen is a published, BMI affiliated, singer-songwriter. 10 of Maureen's songs, on the album "Pendulum Dream", were on the ballot for a GRAMMY. She's had her songs published by Yellow Rose of Texas Publishing Company, Tip Music and Rio Hard Luck Music. Below are a few reviews of Maureen's music. "She first of all meets my weaknesses, a great voice and heartfelt lyrics, melodic songs, ...She has that rare talent as a storyteller with the musical ability to transmit her feeling and story in song. I get the feeling she's been around awhile, paid some significant dues, and being true to her heart, shines pure, mature, and perfect." Jack Sutton, Harmony Ridge Music "Maureen's songs are great" Steve Binder, TV, Film and Emmy Awards Producer/Director "Very good, never heard of her before, but I know I'll never forget her now. Send more." Joe Puleo, Music Director, WIDR Kalamazoo, MI "Good songs, good music/lyrics-great voice. This will get air play on KBOO." KBOO, Portland, OR "We like this! Could you send more copies please?" Tom Schuabel, Music Director, KCRW, Santa Monica, CA "Music content was classy and bright. Enjoyed it very much." Jon Kettering, Music Director, KMHD, Portland, OR.

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