Live In Middleheim


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    Live In Middleheim Tzadik Records

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Review Text Every album by John Zorn's Masada seems better than the last, and this one is no exception. By the time of this recording the group was a tightly cohesive unit, performing at an extremely high and satisfying level, with Zorn and Dave Douglas playing comfortably at a blistering pace. The songs are tinged with hints of Eastern European harmony, but the heat generated, while perhaps related to the raucous dancing at a Jewish wedding, is firmly rooted in the ways of avant-garde jazz. Zorn takes some of his best solos on disc, sounding like silly putty on speed, while the more proper Douglas lags only slightly behind. With a recording time nearing 80 minutes, and substantial contributions from the entire quartet, the recording marks not so much a milestone in the life of the group as a symbol of its ability to constantly expand upon itself and draw on its not inconsequential roots, proving again that you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy Jewish-tinged culture. ~ Steven Loewy

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Nevuah - 10:48
  2. 2. Sippur - 3:20
  3. 3. Hath-Arob - 5:20
  4. 4. Kedushah - 7:53
  5. 5. Ne'eman - 13:05
  6. 6. Karet - 2:03
  7. 7. Kochot - 5:57
  8. 8. Piram - 12:13
  9. 9. Paran - 6:00
  10. 10. Ashnah - 7:19
  11. 11. Tahah - 7:26

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