Marys Kids - Crust Soup


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    Crust Soup Bootleg Booze

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Review Text 2015 collection containing two exclusive tracks. Sweden's most energetic punk rock band strikes back with a unique mix of speed-driven punk rock, snotty rollin' beats, and dirty power pop tunes - straight from the heart of the garage. CRUST SOUP is a long awaited compilation of sold out singles, rare b-sides, and an excellent choice of cover-songs by the U.K. Subs, Ike Turner, Martin L. Gore, Zero Boys, Teenage Head, the Dicks, and Finland's grand masters of rock the Hurriganes. With a new rhythm section consisting of Glenn Sundell (ex-Monsters) and Kenny Hakansson (ex-Hellacopters), the charismatic singer/songwriter and heartbeat of that gang - Mary Currie (ex-Mensen) and guitar-monster Erik Bystedt arranged this 15 track compilation of highly independent ass kicking punk rock music which grabs your hips with loutish hands and forces you to freak out. Sounds exciting, fantastic, adventurous and frightening at the same time? Yeah it is! This record is the most credible and convincing way to say 'let's have a good time' and 'go to hell' all in the same breath. Just unrestrained punk rock - since 2006!

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