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Review Text Martha Munizzi's fourth live album, Change the World, brings back everything gospel and worship enthusiasts loved about the worship leader's watershed 2003 release, The Best Is Yet to Come. For one, collaborators Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey are back on board, which means Change the World is purposeful about its mishmash of sensibilities, from salsa-pop "Dance" all the way to classic contemporary gospel "Habitation," and even a rock song à la Hillsong -- call it melting pot praise, if you will. Munizzi's talented band and backup singers mostly come from a gospel background, so it stands to reason that said rock tune, the title track, is a little out of character for the participants, but elsewhere they're in command, bringing on the praise in some of the most explosive, rhythmic material Munizzi has recorded thus far. The sound is just huge, much cleaner and better handled than that of The Best Is Yet to Come, which, while varied, had a patent homemade feel. As the disc approaches its worshipful denouement, the proceedings take on a classic contemporary gospel atmosphere -- think Richard Smallwood, Kurt Carr, or Tramaine Hawkins at their churchiest. Naturally, Munizzi still chats it up as if this were a speaking engagement, but she can't help herself: music and ministry have never been mutually exclusive for her. Change the World is easily the boldest album Munizzi has recorded yet. ~ Andree Farias

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Invincible God - 5:55
  2. 2. Invincible Overture - 1:49
  3. 3. Nothing Can Separate Me - 4:16
  4. 4. Dance - 5:34
  5. 5. Dance (Reprise) - 3:18
  6. 6. Favor of God - 5:22
  7. 7. Favor of God (Reprise) - 3:25
  8. 8. Spoken Word Interlude - 2:38
  9. 9. More Than Enough - 7:59
  10. 10. Wrap Me in Your Arms - 8:30
  11. 11. Jesus Loves Me - 1:48
  12. 12. Forever Always - 4:10
  13. 13. I Receive Your Love - 5:59
  14. 14. The King - 5:10
  15. 15. Habitation - 9:40
  16. 16. Change the World - 6:22

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