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Directed by serial specialist Spencer Gordon Bennet, Marked Money stars Junior Coghlan as the orphaned son of a seafaring man. His late father has left instructions that The Boy is to be delivered to the home of Captain Fairchild (Bert Woodruff) the father's old sailing master, along with $25,000 in cash to finance the boy's education. The villains aren't interested at all in The Boy, but they do dearly covet the 25 grand he carries with him in a box. When he isn't kept busy protecting the boy from the baddies, Captain Fairchild dedicates himself to keeping handsome naval aviator Clyde (George Duryea, aka Tom Keene), away from Fairchild's niece Grace (Virginia Bradford). But when Clyde and The Boy team up to rescue Grace from kidnapers, Fairchild welcomes the aviator to his home with open arms. In the film's pulse-pounding climax, the heroine and 12-year-old Coghlan struggle to bring an out-of-control airplane safely to the ground. In his autobiography, Frank "Junior" Coghlan cited Marked Money as a prophetic film in that he appears in a naval uniform -- just as he would as an adult, when he spent 23 years as an active U.S. Navy officer. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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