Mark Achuff - Vintage Latin American Guitar Solos


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    Vintage Latin American Guitar Solos CD Baby

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Review Text The selections on this CD are my favorite guitar solo pieces by various Latin American composers. I have singled these pieces out over many years of listening to guitarists in their concerts and recordings. These pieces always pass my test of beauty and quality. The Selections: Sons de Carrilhoes - composed by Brazilian, Joao "Pernambuco" Guimaraes (1883 - 1947.) The title means the "Sounds of Bells." A prime example of the choro-maxixe Brazillian style, this piece was written in 1926 and is very well known in Brazil and now, around the world. This piece is prominent and fun to view on YouTube. Tres Canciones Populares Mexicano #1 and Scherzino Mexicano - by Mexican composer Manuel Ponce (1882 - 1948.) Ponce was one of Segovia's favorite composers for the guitar. Cancione #1 is a delightful folk melody piece. The Scherzino is originally a piano composition now transcribed to work beautifully on the guitar. Um Amor de Valse - composed by Brazilian, Paulo Bellinati (b 1950.) Composed in 1991, this piece is dedicated to Paulo's father. Um Amor de Valse is heard on many new-age radio programs and is beautiful love theme for all generations. Inspiracoa - composed by Brazilian, Annibal Augusto Sardinha (1915 - 1955.) GAROTO ("the kid") is the endearing nickname for this famous Brazilian guitarist. As guitarist for Carman Miranda, he toured the USA during the height of her "hey-day." He died at the age of 39 but his loyal fan base remains and today his compositions are popular all over again. Written in 1947, this piece demonstrates his guitar artistry and wonderful sense of melody and chromatic motion. Berceuse (Afro-Cuban Lullaby) - adapted by Cuban, Leo Brower (b 1943.) This beautiful melody is very well known in the world of guitar players and is prominent on YouTube. Tango - composed by George Van Eps (1913 - 1998.) Published in 1964, this work is the odd ball in this collection. Van Eps is of Dutch ancestry - not Latin American - and although entitled "Tango," this piece does not really exemplify the tango pulse. However this work has personal significance as I studied guitar with Mr. Van Eps in 1970. This piece reflects the creative artistry and genius of this accomplished guitarist, and it fits well into this collection. El Choclo - composed by Argentinian, Ángel Villoldo (1861 -1919.) This piece was premiered in 1903 in the "El Americano" night club in Buenos Aries and is one of the most famous and consistently performed of all tango pieces today. El Maribino, El Negrito, La Gatica - composed by Venezuelan, Antonio Lauro (1917 - 1986.) . These pieces sing out with the colorful imagery of Venezuela and the reflect the playful and creative mind of Lauro. Estudio 6 - composed by Spaniard, Fernando Sor (1750 - 1839.) I play this as a "companion" to the Lauro Valse #1 that follows. I love match-making that successfully joins separate pieces in nice juxtapositions. Sor's beautiful melody of the early 1800's flows seamlessly into Lauro's melody of 1970. Quatro Valses Venezolanos - composed in 1963 by Antonio Lauro. Here I present my favorites: Valse #1and Valse #2. Triptico (Armida, La Negra) - composed by Antonio Lauro. This collection is dedicated to Andres Segovia who helped Lauro's deserving music achieve wide acceptance and popularity. Julia Florida - composed by Paraguayan, Augustine Mangore Barrios (1888 - 1946.) This piece is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful guitar pieces ever written. I performed this piece at my daughter Julia's wedding. The memory of that fine day and my beautiful daughter now lives on in this music when ever I perform it.

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