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    Crypt Yew Records

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Review Text 2015 release. Crypt captures Margarida Garcia's and Manuel Mota's most intimate and profound work to date, digging through layers of filth and decay only to reveal an empty chamber where a body use to be. Key figures of the Lisbon experimental underground music scene, Margarida Garcia and Manuel Mota have worked together for over 20 years. Although their work has been consistent, through concerts and other collaborations in which both were involved, the only previous recordings of the duo dates back to 2001 and 1999. Crypt was recorded in Belgium and Portugal. Margarida's distinct lyrical and cavernous bass, as heard on her solo record The Leaden Echo (2012), has been present in concerts and recordings with blues master, Loren Connors, Thurston Moore, Marcia Bassett, Graindelavoix, Helena Espvall, Mattin, David Maranha, Barry Weisblat and Jeff Perkins, among others. Manuel's soulful guitar playing was praised by the late Derek Bailey, among others. He has an extensive solo output but often is found in various atmospheres like the Rodrigo Amado Wire Quartet, David Maranha's Osso Exotico, or Bjorn Schmelzer's early music ensemble Graindelavoix (also with Margarida).

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