Don't Tell Me (X7) (Mod)


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    Don't Tell Me (X7) (Mod) Warner Bros.

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Review Text Don't Tell Me was the second single released from Madonna's Music, and proved to be yet another success for the over-forty singing mother, making it into the Top Five of the U.S. pop charts. The CD maxi-single includes seven versions, as well as the song's cowboy-themed video, but does not include the techno-rockabilly-styled album version (which is, however, the video version). The mixes transform the song into an awesome dance extravaganza. The first four mixes on the single are terrific dance mixes, with the first two being a little harder and more groove-oriented, while three and four lean a little more toward house, with version four incorporating piano. The fifth mix, "Victor Calderone's Sensory Mix," is a mellow take on the song, while the final two mixes are single edits of mixes three and four. Another well-packaged single destined to please the singer's fans. ~ Jose Promis

Track Listing

Maxi-Single 1

  1. 1. Don't Tell Me - 7:58
  2. 2. Don't Tell Me - 11:04
  3. 3. Don't Tell Me - 8:54
  4. 4. Don't Tell Me - 10:23
  5. 5. Don't Tell Me - 7:50
  6. 6. Don't Tell Me - 4:50
  7. 7. Don't Tell Me - 7:57
  8. 8. Don't Tell Me

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