Karen's Molested Apple


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    Karen's Molested Apple Mad Bliss

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Review Text Listening to the first song ("Everyone") on this five-song, 27-minute EP, it's tempting indeed to classify MadBliss as a neo-psychedelic band. The same is true of the closing "A Story," which, like "Everyone," bears more than passing resemblance at times to 1970s Pink Floyd. In between, though, they play more standard modern guitar alternative rock, "Two Sides" recalling a little of R.E.M.'s folk-rockish enigma, and other songs infused with a muted, slow-burning despondency owing something to 1990s American indie rock. It's respectable but derivative, something that could be said of some other bands in the Israeli scene of the time that also took capable cues from established forms both classic and underground. ~ Richie Unterberger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Everyone - 5:57
  2. 2. Two Sides - 4:31
  3. 3. Matti - 6:13
  4. 4. Strange Ways - 5:11
  5. 5. Story - 7:24

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