Luch Reyes - EP No. 3


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    EP No. 3 CD Baby

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Review Text We don't write music for you. We don't want your approval. We write music we want to hear, but isn't available. Art ceases to be art when made for any other reason than to just be. Music is an art. So stop listening to music without a soul and see what 2 kids have to tell you about the world you live in. From how bad we want to succeed in a dying business of over played sounds fabricated for the same kids again and again. People waste hours a week on music they only put on to keep themselves entertained from work to home. Well, buy a ring and engage your mind in something out of the ordinary. We are Luch Reyes and Jordan Sommer. We are music school kids who hate music school. We are broke college students wasting money supporting our favorite artists. We may not have much, but our music is enough, and hopefully it is something to you as well. But if not go back to the same chord progression that's been owned by multimillion dollar companies for decades.

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