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    Living Things Warner Bros.

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Review Text Linkin Park got pretty moody on 2010's A Thousand Suns, settling into a sulky electronica groove that pretty much screamed "growing pains" to anybody who listened closely. On its 2012 sequel, Living Things, Linkin Park attempts to graft guitars back onto their newly mature musical outlook, and the reintroduction of visceral force certainly helps give this album a pulse lacking on A Thousand Suns. It's hardly a step back to the old angst-ridden rap-rockers of the turn of the millennium, however. Admirably, Linkin Park revels in a near-middle-aged angst, letting their songs address adult concerns and giving their productions contours and texture; the additional noise isn't an expression of fury, it's used to enhance the drama. Generally, the songs feel sharper on Living Things -- there is definition to their structure, some of the choruses catch hold without too much effort -- but this album remains one of sustained mood, not individual moments. And in that regard, Living Things handily trumps A Thousand Suns: it doesn't stay still, it peaks and ebbs, flowing steadily between brooding and explosions of repressed rage, a fitting soundtrack for aging rap-rockers who are comfortable in their skin but restless at heart. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Lost in the Echo - 3:25
  2. 2. In My Remains - 3:20
  3. 3. Burn It Down - 4:50
  4. 4. Lies Greed Misery - 2:27
  5. 5. I'll Be Gone - 4:31
  6. 6. Castle of Glass - 3:25
  7. 7. Victimized - 2:46
  8. 8. Roads Untraveled - 4:49
  9. 9. Skin to Bone - 3:48
  10. 10. Until It Breaks - 4:43
  11. 11. Tinfoil - 1:11
  12. 12. Powerless - 4:44

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