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    Best Of Lita Ford BMG / Sony Music Entertainment

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Review Text Despite the fact that her success was brief, Lita Ford continues to be one of the more memorable icons of the hair metal scene. Most will argue that this is because of her gender rather than her music; the fact that she was female indeed made her a unique novelty in a genre dominated by men. True, Lita Ford's shelf life was short-lived, and her music itself is far less original than, say, her ex-bandmate Joan Jett. Not to say that what's on the Best of Lita Ford disc is bad -- like many of her peers, Ford sure knew how to produce a few catchy guilty pleasures. Her most well-known singles, "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever," are included, along with a handful of unknowns that are certainly worth hearing, such as "Larger Than Life," "What Do You Know About Love," "Gotta Let Go," and a cover of Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed." There are numerous Lita Ford compilations out there, but this original best-of collection remains the most ideal buy. ~ Barry Weber

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. What Do Ya Know About Love - 4:54
  2. 2. Kiss Me Deadly - 4:59
  3. 3. Shot of Poison - 4:32
  4. 4. Hungry - 5:53
  5. 5. Gotta Let Go - 4:55
  6. 6. Close My Eyes Forever - 5:42
  7. 7. Larger Than Life - 4:56
  8. 8. Only Women Bleed - 6:54
  9. 9. Playin' With Fire - 4:06
  10. 10. Back To the Cave - 4:01
  11. 11. Lisa - 5:53

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