Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl "No Protection"


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    Lisa Lampanelli: Dirty Girl "No Protection"

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Review Text Hold on to your sides and leave your political correctness at home, because once the "lovable Queen of Mean" hits the stage there's no stopping this energetic ball of offensiveness. You either love or hate the ribald Lisa Lampanelli, the extremely loud comic who calls Andy Dick a "pickle kisser" and greets an Asian female member of the audience with "I'm glad your father didn't drown you." She opens the set on the ironically titled "I Love Everybody" with "How many frickin' queers are there here tonight? What am I, Kathy Griffin?" Actually, she sort of is, just way hyped up and with a heaping helping of Andrew Dice Clay, that is if the Diceman were sexually attracted to black men and were willing to give "Hummers for Heroes." It'll take the buttoned-up type about 0.05 seconds to figure out this isn't for them -- heaven help you if your kids get hold of a copy -- and if you can't stand sick humor you probably don't want to hear about how AIDS is the best diet ever. There's an audience that eats this up -- the nonstop laughter proves it -- since Lampanelli is also able to point the gun at herself, pointing out she's a "hefty gal" repeatedly and explaining that she prefers to be "on top, to keep the guy from escaping." While her style hasn't evolved much since 2005's Take It Like a Man, it won't matter to fans who really don't want Lampanelli to get deep, cerebral, or acceptable in mixed company. Don't worry, the only way Dirty Girl could be truer to its title is if the word "hilarious" were added to it. ~ David Jeffries

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The self-proclaimed Queen of Mean takes off the gloves for a Comedy Central special in which nothing is sacred and all bets are off. Vicious and vulgar yet undeniably hilarious, Lisa Lampanelli skewers the modern culture by addressing topics that would send most comics running for cover. No one is safe from Lampanelli's torpedo tongue, and this performance offers a telling example why she has become one of the most popular celebrity "roasters" on the comedy circuit. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
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