Liquid Mind 3: Balance


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    Liquid Mind 3: Balance Real Music Records / CD Baby / Chuck Wild Records

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Review Text Chuck Wild's Liquid Mind projects are designed to create zones for relaxation and meditation. As stated in the liner notes of Liquid Mind III: Balance, "...(F)rom contemplation, I learn patience, from patience I learn balance, in balance I find harmony...." This gentle melody is a seamless string of deep atmospheres. Wild's symphonic synth creates deep pockets of calm and gentle resting places. While his soundscapes have a definite pace, there is no overt rhythm and there are no beats. This is a sound world for contemplation and healing. This is a valuable CD for listeners seeking inner peace and inner calm. It will appeal to fans of James Johnson, Brannan Lane, Numina, and Kip Mazuy. ~ Jim Brenholts

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Lullaby For Grownups - 5:21
  2. 2. Laguna Indigo - 18:27
  3. 3. Timeless and Tender - 12:55
  4. 4. Dream Messenger - 14:49
  5. 5. Balance - 7:40

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