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    Pop Songs: Best of Ze Records France

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Review Text Les Pop Songs: Best of and Les Ballades: Best of comprise two CD compilations encompassing the very best of Lio's pop songs and ballads. Twenty-five years? from the 17 year-old Wanda, hanging out in her room, listening to Blondie, Chiffons or Jane Birkin, to the established artist in the European music scene with more than eight albums, numerous singles, some amazing videos (with such directors as Jean-Pierre Jeunet), and hundreds of worldwide shows. These compilations are a journey into Lio's universe, filled with delightful images and insolent dreams; from the stirring "Sage Comme Une Image" or "Les Brunes Comptent Pas Pour Des Prunes," to the softer and emotional "L'Autre Joue" and "Je M'ennuie de Toi." Whether it is on Pop Songs or Ballades, you'll find that the songs lie somewhere between cynicism and tenderness, a subtle mix of naïve character and strongly shaped personality. Lio's legendary energy and cheeky enthusiasm are felt all over this compilation, sometimes in a cheerful way, sometimes through poetic melancholy. The cover illustration of Pop Songs and Ballades, by famous artist Guy Peeleart, symbolizes perfectly this artful and sympathetic duality, or, to be true to Lio's verbal combinations, this "sweet schizophrenia."

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