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    Light It Up Brian Howes / Interscope

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Review Text Rev Theory offer a mix of high-octane vocals and guitar-driven post-grunge on Light It Up, their second album (and first under their abbreviated name, having formerly operated as Revelation Theory). The band's new moniker conjures up images of muscle cars revving their well-oiled engines, and the music fits that image to a T, with driving basslines and drums propelling the songs forward. Even slower tracks like "Broken Bones" and "Ten Years" careen into loud, bombastic passages before coming to a halt, a move that helps Rev Theory avoid one of the greatest pitfalls of most post-grunge groups: a weakness for sluggish, sludgy ballads. Slower moments are still present -- an acoustic arpeggio here, a world-weary vocal there -- but Light It Up rarely wastes a chance to ratchet up the volume and testosterone. Boiled down, this is music for dudes, for male-dominated house parties, for beer runs and keg stands and fights on the lawn. The fact that two of the album's tracks were selected as official wrestling theme songs -- "Hell Yeah" was chosen for WWE's One Night Stand, while "Light It Up" orchestrated WrestleMania XXIV -- only cements the "guys only" appeal, meaning that Rev Theory might not enjoy the crossover appeal of someone like Chris Daughtry. File Light It Up alongside Saving Abel's self-titled debut, another record that courted modern rock radio with guitar muscle and grungy manpower. ~ Andrew Leahey

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Hell Yeah - 4:08
  2. 2. Favorite Disease - 4:42
  3. 3. Light It Up - 4:14
  4. 4. Broken Bones - 4:27
  5. 5. Kill the Headlights - 3:15
  6. 6. Wanted Man - 4:42
  7. 7. Ten Years - 4:43
  8. 8. Falling Down - 4:05
  9. 9. You're the One - 4:21
  10. 10. Far From Over - 4:59

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