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    Dog BYO Records / Better Youth Organization (BYO)

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Review Text Cruelly overlooked but consistently great over a 15-year tenure, Sunderland, England's Leatherface has never veered from its punk ethic. Notorious for spewing out stellar albums like 1989's Cherry Knowle, 1990's Fill Your Boots, 1991's Mush, and 1993's Do the Right Thing, plus solid efforts recorded after a five-year hiatus (like 2000's Horsebox), the group delivers what may be the finest, most convincing album of its career. Helmed by Frankie N.W. Stubbs, Dog Disco is a ferocious disc, with David Lee's throbbing basslines and drummer Andrew Laing's firecracker kit work giving balance to working-class anthems like "Hoodlum" and "Heart," where Stubbs' gruff pipes and fiery riffs are in top form. Further brilliance like "Bakelite" and "Plastic Surgery," where the aging frontman ponders the meaningless aspects of life, make this an instant classic. No offense meant, but if you haven't heard Leatherface, you really only know a portion of the punk rock story. Start here and work backward. The rewards are infinite. ~ John D. Luerssen

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Hoodlum - 3:57
  2. 2. Diddly Squat - 4:35
  3. 3. Heed the Ball - 4:53
  4. 4. Small Yellow Chair - 4:49
  5. 5. Raga - 3:38
  6. 6. You - 3:24
  7. 7. Eggbound - 2:19
  8. 8. Red Diesel - 2:14
  9. 9. Bakelite - 4:53
  10. 10. Plastic Surgery - 2:24
  11. 11. Rabbit Pie Alibi - 2:52
  12. 12. Heart Is Home - 4:39

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