Lazy Cowgirls - Radio Cowgirl


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    Radio Cowgirl Sympathy 4 the R.I.

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Review Text The Lazy Cowgirls have made more than their share of brilliant records, but their real strength is as a live act, and this album, which preserves on plastic a typically high-powered live set the band played at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara, California, offers all the evidence you need to encourage a right-minded rock fan to witness the Cowgirls experience up-close and in-person. A promo spot advertising the broadcast that kicks off this album proclaims that the Lazy Cowgirls will play "loud, fast, hard rock & roll music," and it's hard to disagree. There are a few sloppy moments here and there (be warned: this is real rock & roll, where not everything is supposed to be perfect), and the sound is a bit thin (like the unretouched two-track recording it is), but all four Cowgirls are clearly audible and pouring their heart and soul into every moment of the show (even on the joke cover of the theme from Green Acres). Besides, how many bands can cover the Ramones and the Saints alongside Larry Williams and Jim Reeves and actually do justice to all of 'em? Radio Cowgirl was the first release from Sympathy for the Record Industry, and it's difficult to think of many better ways to get into the music business; the CD edition is even better, tacking on eight hard to find studio tracks as a bonus.

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