Unikorn On The Cob


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    Unikorn On The Cob Slipt Disc Records

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Review Text This disc is really pretty hard to categorize. It shows a lot of elements of progressive rock, with quick changes and fluid virtuosic musicianship. However, there is a quirky bent, and a leaning toward the more modern "alternative" rock sound. Add to that various diverse elements, including a slight Latin flavor at times, and you have a really unusual sonic stew. The recipe provides a lot of entertainment. It does take a little while to get comfortable with this sound, but if you spend the time, it really does pay off. Look at this CD as a meal in an exotic country -- you may not know what the food is when you order it, and the flavors may be a bit unusual to the palate, but you walk away feeling good. ~ Gary Hill

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Musical Findings - 9:36
  2. 2. Waiting For the Go - 4:54
  3. 3. Double Standard Booth - 7:56
  4. 4. Walk Fast - 4:16
  5. 5. Upping the Ante - 5:26
  6. 6. We Love You Lots - 5:10
  7. 7. Broken Record - 5:47
  8. 8. Unicorn on the Kob - 7:09
  9. 9. Making Friends - 6:25
  10. 10. Self Control - 7:25

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