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Review Text The final release in the original Anaphoria trilogy, again featuring the peripatetic and not-really-there Banaphshu, along with more corporeal collaborators such as Erin Barnes, finds Grady aiming big and succeeding. Consisting of two large-scale pieces developing into full ensemble performances, Anaphoria: The Creation is arguably the most self-consciously epic of the three albums, caught somewhere between gamelan orchestras, big band, exotica and Harry Partch-inspired microtonality. The great thing about Grady's work, though, is that it doesn't require being steeped in those fields to enjoy the end result -- it's eminently immediate and entrancing material. Everything starts off quietly, but by ten minutes into the first song it's a full-on collage from open-ended drone to any number of chimes, bells, and whatever self-created instruments Grady and company are being used. Rhythm and exploratory melody work in sync, subtly but clearly building in intensity and just as carefully backing away or evolving into newer and no less fascinating results. When the first song turns into a full drone piece about half an hour in, layers of sound billowing through the mix, the contrast to the rest of the track makes it all the more gripping (and the slow rumbling gong sound is a fine touch!). The second song is the longer of the two but no less intriguing, following the same general approach of the first while exploring its own particular ends -- if it generally feels a touch less intense, it's only by a matter of degrees. Together the two make for both an enjoyable conclusion to the original series and a grand standalone effort. ~ Ned Raggett

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  1. 1. Beyond the Windows Perhaps Among the Popcorn - 57:32

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