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Review Text The first two records from Koop appeared with little fanfare, but the group's profile increased substantially after the release of the second, thanks to many glowing reviews, release on a label (Compost) often worshipped by beat fans, and the presence of a single (the title track) so otherworldly that the only reference points were elusive paragons of the genre such as Portishead and Lamb. Before the Swedish duo returned for a third album, they delivered Waltz for Koop: Alternative Takes, a title with great significance. Though superficially this is an album of remixes, similar to that delivered by dozens of independent-minded dance or experimental bands, this record works on its own like few other remix albums ever have -- and even rivals the quality of the original. Including one version of each track from Waltz for Koop, it evinces careful pacing and great work by an excellent cast of remixers. Among the names sure to make dance fans salivate are Domu and Agent K, Richard Dorfmeister, and Nicola Conte; the latter reworks "Tonight" by adding a speedy drum'n'bass rhythm and the talents of a quartet of Italian jazz musicians, including a fluid solo by tenor Daniele Scannapieco. Most of these reversions, however, come from obscure talents, often Swedish; Markus Enochson's remix of "Summer Sun" takes the prize, drawing out the original to nearly twice its length. The only misstep is a version of the title track, given a rolling drum'n'bass remix with twingy bass by DJ Patife (helped by veteran jungle producer Nookie). ~ John Bush

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Baby - 3:11
  2. 2. Tonight - 7:37
  3. 3. Modal Mile - 5:20
  4. 4. Summer Sun - 7:45
  5. 5. Relaxin at Club F****n - 6:58
  6. 6. Bright Nights - 7:22
  7. 7. In a Heartbeat - 4:07
  8. 8. Waltz for Koop - 8:26
  9. 9. Summer Sun - 7:31

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