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    Kinda Don't Care (Dlx) Valory / The Valory Music Co.
    1. Kinda Don't Care Valory / The Valory Music Co.
    2. Kinda Don't Care (Dlx) Valory / The Valory Music Co.

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Review Text Justin Moore toughened up his attack on 2013's Off the Beaten Path, his third album and one that found him developing a distinctive modern rocking country that avoided the smiling swagger of bro country. Moore specialized in fusing second-hand honky tonk tradition, Heartland rock, and brawny country-rock in the vein of Hank Williams Jr., plus he had an easy way with a ballad as the hit "Lettin' the Night Roll" showed. Arriving in the summer of 2016, Kinda Don't Care accentuates all these elements, but slyly threads in pieces of the R&B-inflected country that dominated the airwaves in the three years between albums. Moore wisely doesn't attempt quick-stepping hip-hop inflections à la Sam Hunt -- he's too deliberate a singer for that -- but "Somebody Else Will" is a slow, soulful burner and "Got It Good" skips along to a buoyant beat. About a third of the record in its lengthy deluxe incarnation is dressed in this contemporary sheen, and the remarkable thing about Kinda Don't Care is how this doesn't sound like pandering: it feels like an outgrowth of his ballad side. Also, it complements the rowdy and rootsy elements of the record, making them hit a little harder. At times, Moore's rebellion can feel a little canned -- the growl of "More Middle Fingers" is a bit silly -- but usually, he gets by on his casual authority and sturdily constructed songs. No matter the sound, this is the constant on Kinda Don't Care: Moore is quietly confident, probably because he knows he has the goods. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Robbin’ Trains - 3:25
  2. 2. Put Me in a Box - 3:44
  3. 3. Kinda Don’t Care - 4:21
  4. 4. Hell on a Highway - 4:20
  5. 5. Goodbye Back - 3:13
  6. 6. You Look Like I Need a Drink - 3:07
  7. 7. Somebody Else Will - 3:45
  8. 8. Between You and Me - 3:00
  9. 9. Got It Good - 3:43
  10. 10. Rebel Kids - 4:56
  11. 11. More Middle Fingers - 4:55
  12. 12. Life in the Livin’ - 3:08
  13. 13. Middle Class Money - 4:42
  14. 14. Pick Up Lines - 3:21
  15. 15. Spendin’ the Night - 3:16
  16. 16. When I Get Home - 4:40
  17. 17. [Untitled]

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