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    Vitality CD Baby

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Review Text Ambient music with crystal bowls and nature sounds. Frequencies of the soul decodes language into vibrational medicine using the resonance of quartz crystal bowls. When an aspect of the body, mind, or soul vibrates non-harmoniuosly, we experience dis-ease. As we journey musically into the depths of our benigs we can transform our disease into... Vitality. Experience the essences of healing language transformed into music. Physical, emotional, and spiritual words are translated into 'their songs'. The resonance of the bowls allows the mind, body, and soul to absorb the message directly, while helping to attune on all levels. Through sound vibration we can break up, dissolve, and release blockages and thus improve the well-being of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. This music is to be used while relaxing, exercising, meditating, and sleeping. Please do not drive while listening to this CD.

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