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Review Text After experiences with frenetic disco influences, Kid Abelha comes back with a pop album that focuses on romanticism and simplicity. The biggest influence here is the recuperation of the corny sonorities of the Jovem Guarda movement and of its biggest icon, Roberto Carlos (and the trio was premonitory in the sense that the "King" would be, soon after, rediscovered by legions of teens through other bands). "Vou Mergulhar" and "Apenas Timidez" (where Carlos' confessional style is reproduced in the lyrics) are examples of those influences. But the most surprising song is "Meu Mundo Gira Em Torno de Você," with its sagacious lyrics by Jorge Mautner. "Na Rua, Na Chuva, Na Fazenda" scored a hit. The song, by the soulman Hyldon, had been recorded by the pioneer Tim Maia (not by accident, an early collaborator of Roberto Carlos') in 1982. Smoothness is the main tone of the album, where Paula Toller's generally insecure vocals were greatly improved. ~ Alvaro Neder

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