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    Home Sci Fidelity Records

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Review Text His calling card as a one-man band is well established, but on Home, Keller Williams makes it clear that there's more than a gimmick to this picture. First of all, he has an instantly recognizable way with a lyric, which involves finding unlikely things to write about and then writing about them in unlikely ways. Subjects on this album include putting on a little extra weight, romance among dogs, moving sidewalks at airports, and the not-unrelated matters of love and cannibalism. He approaches each with a knowing innocence; this, manifested through clever wordplay and a breathy, wide-eyed delivery, render these tracks charming and disarming. On the instrumental side, Williams barely touches the showoff elements that too often turn self-sufficient performers into circus acts. Most of the non-vocal tracks, such the Michael Hedges-like "Skitso," are straight-ahead works, solidly conceived and smoothly played. And when he does allow a little showmanship into the mix, it never detracts from the music; those mouth effects on "Art" don't just sound like Bootsy bass -- they function musically at a similar level, too. Add the thoughtful segues that Williams uses to link songs of similar tempo and identical key and Home turns into a unified listening experience, or one long look into an artist whose quirks cannot obscure his talent. ~ Robert L. Doerschuk

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Love Handles - 3:07
  2. 2. Apparition - 5:35
  3. 3. Tubeular - 4:34
  4. 4. Victory Song - 4:56
  5. 5. Butt Ass Nipple - 2:48
  6. 6. Dogs - 5:18
  7. 7. Skitso - 3:16
  8. 8. Moving Sidewalk - 4:48
  9. 9. Sheebs - 3:25
  10. 10. Above the Thunder - 6:42
  11. 11. Art - 3:10
  12. 12. Casa Quetzal - 4:50
  13. 13. Bitch Monkey - 4:58
  14. 14. You Are What You Eat - 6:01
  15. 15. Zilla - 2:43
  16. 16. Sorry from the Shower - 8:48

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