Karen Spell - 12 Tribes Warrior


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    12 Tribes Warrior CD Baby

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Review Text All my profits from this album, of digital downloads on cdbaby site, will be sent to missionaries in areas struck by earthquakes who are designated to distribute to the suffering. You can find my music videos on ytube. They are unusual and you will enjoy them and be able to hear an entire song. I feel that God has given me good music and a good message for this entire album. 12 Tribes warrior emphasizes prayer and focuses on God's creation of us all. You will find a variety of international sounds on this CD, including mediterrean, Spanish, Irish, Indian and western culture. It has all been done in an electronica style with international flavor. My cover symbolizes the true science in God's word. My main listerners for this CD have been among the youth, however all ages will enjoy listening. Twelve tribes warrior lyrics: In the twilight a war is staging, through the black night a battle is raging, satan's kingdom we are invading. They are losing and we are gaining and I can see that the darkness is fading the sword of truth is brightly shining we've got the victory, we've got the victory we've got the victory in Jesus The blood has been shed and the victory is won and there's no new thing that's under the sun the thing that has been is that which shall be we shall overcome war cry war cry war cry of a warrior God hears the cry of a warrior crying in the night crying for what's right prayer warrior fight fight fight for what is right beyond the earth beyond the sky God hears your cry Nation lyrics: from the dust of the earth God created a man breathed life into him and He made him stand' now we tread on the devil go across the dry land and with our feet on the rock we'll be able to stand we are a nation we are a people united under God we've been here since the day of Pentecost He formed us from the dust of the earth born from the womb to a spiritual rebirth we are a nation we shall arise we shal arise we shall arise and soar like an eagle we shall arise chorus we are the children of God we've been washed in the blood we have a legacy of christianity we are a nation we shall arise.

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