My First Karie


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    My First Karie

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Review Text A major release in the Shibuya-kei canon, Kahimi Karie's second real EP shows the wispy-voiced singer trying on more genres for size. Bertrand Burgalat of the Tricatel label (and others) knew of her by now outside of Japan and was writing songs: The closing "Dans Mon Nombaill" is a bittersweet farewell, one of her best. Elsewhere, Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada) one-ups Sheryl Crow with the opening "Elastic Girl," Karie's ironic statement of purpose ("I'll be anything you want me to be/Elastic Girl") which seems coded for her songwriters, not her suitors. It's a rousing arrangement for strummed and slide guitars and harmonica, over which Karie's vocal floats. "Do Me Do Me" is a bass-deep funk-and-sex cocktail, and "When You Close Your Eyes" steals its title from a Velvet Underground song, and keeps its simple music hall style, with a big of Stevie Wonder harmonica on top. Karie's voice is not much, but she's cute when she needs to be, and sultry and sexy on top. A fun, unpretentious effort. ~ Ted Mills

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