What Horrors Await (Reis)


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    What Horrors Await (Reis) Victory Records

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Review Text Like an army tank wantonly plowing over the skulls of fallen enemies, Washington’s Jungle Rot barrels onward with their sixth full-length album of old school flavored death metal. For nearly 15 years, the quartet has relentlessly assaulted eardrums around the world. Now featuring former members of Fleshgrind and Avernus, the band is actually more ferocious than ever. In addition to a mosh-fest of new anthems, WHAT HORRORS AWAIT also features a cover version of the Destruction favorite “Invisible Force.”

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Worst Case Scenario
  2. 2. Unstoppable
  3. 3. Straight Jacket Life
  4. 4. State of War
  5. 5. Two Faced Disgrac
  6. 6. End of an Age
  7. 7. Speak the Truth
  8. 8. What Horrors Await
  9. 9. Nerve Gas Catastrophe
  10. 10. Braindead
  11. 11. Atrocity
  12. 12. Exit Wounds
  13. 13. Invincible Force
  14. 14. Black Candle Mass

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