I Don't Want To Be Around


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    I Don't Want To Be Around Sealed Fate

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Review Text I Don't Want to Be Around When You're Gone for Good showcases three strapping young lads from Massachusetts laying down 11 tracks of delicate drumming, mournful guitars, and melancholic vocals that evoke the darker side of human emotion. Songs about broken hearts and loss, reflection and our surroundings, these tunes are hitting on what may be typical topics, but in a fresh, poignant manner -- a format that may be familiar for fans of Grandaddy or Film Guerrero material. The tune "Telling a Lie" is about as close as jrCORDUROY ever gets to full-on rockin' and even that is subdued, but as far as this album is concerned, that's not entirely the band's forte. Rather, through subtlety and patience, jrCORDUROY builds upon the listener. Put on this album at night and reflect; play it during the day and relax. Either way, it's an album full of precise insights, something that while not entirely unique, is refreshing and needed in this day and age. ~ Kurt Morris

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Under the Color - 4:42
  2. 2. Where I'll Wait for You - 4:51
  3. 3. Easy Way Down - 3:21
  4. 4. All You Do - 2:14
  5. 5. Telling a Lie - 3:13
  6. 6. Would You Stay With Me - 3:41
  7. 7. Secret Place - 3:20
  8. 8. This One Is Silent - 4:37
  9. 9. Through the Windshield - 4:04
  10. 10. Nervous Tones - 7:10
  11. 11. Where the Street Lights Warm Your Golden Face - 3:37

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