Tenor At The Movies / Various (Asia)


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    Tenor At The Movies / Various (Asia) Universal

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Review Text The title does not tell the whole story of what this album was about, for Jonathan Ansell, although not exactly a household name, was a former member of the band G4, the 2004 X Factor runners up who had three Top 30 albums before their acrimonious split in the summer of 2007. Rather than cover a selection of songs from the movies, which would probably have been sung by just about everyone in this popera genre, Ansell chose to record a set featuring a choice of songs that were, to say the least, rather unusual, not the usual crop of songs one associated with the movies, including tracks from Gladiator ("Now We Are Free"), O Brother Where Art Thou ("Down in the River to Pray") and "Si Un Jour" (Manon Des Sources). But there are also some songs that weren't originally songs at all, but themes from the films with vocals written afterwards, especially for this occasion, "My Own True Love," the theme from Gone with the Wind, "Parla Piu Piano" from The Godfather, "Un Giorno Per Noi" from Romeo and Juliet on which he was joined by fellow popera singer Hayley Westenra, and "Race to the End" which was the theme to Chariots of Fire but with such contrived lyrics about freedom, running, and racing to the end, that it makes you long for a Vangelis instrumental. One criticism is that after a while every track sounds the same, all are sung immaculately with the backing orchestra, but Jonathan Ansell will have to learn how to vary the tempo and style, or his career may be even shorter than his former band's was. ~ Sharon Mawer

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Here's to the Heroes - 4:51
  2. 2. Now We Are Free - 4:13
  3. 3. Parla Piu Piano - 3:53
  4. 4. Race to the End - 4:41
  5. 5. Giorno Per Noi - 4:07
  6. 6. Vois Sur Ton Chemin - 3:52
  7. 7. My Own True Love - 4:42
  8. 8. Down in the River to Pray - 2:25
  9. 9. Se - 3:29
  10. 10. Prayer in the Night - 3:19
  11. 11. Si un Jour - 4:19
  12. 12. Che Gelida Manina - 4:26

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