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    Sings Bob Wills Texas Music Group/Lone Star Records / Texas Music Group

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Review Text This is a repackaged version of Time Changes Everything, an album with a curious history. It represented a comeback attempt for Johnny Bush after years of vocal problems. He organized a session in which his regular band, the Bandoleros, was augmented by a horn section to record a tribute to Bob Wills and cut it at Willie Nelson's studio in the early '90s. Unfortunately, that was just when Nelson experienced his troubles with the I.R.S., which seized all the tapes at the studio, Bush's included. It took two years to free the material for release, and then it was little heard. This is a second attempt to present it. After all that trouble, it turns out to be a brief, sturdy, minor effort, a welcome celebration of Wills that begins and ends with tributes to the great Western swing bandleader, leading off with Merle Haggard's "Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas" and closing with "Bob Said It 'Aw' (And Called It Western Swing)." In between, Wills favorites such as "Time Changes Everything" (a duet with Nelson) and "South of the Border" are revived in appropriately lively fashion. The big-voiced Bush makes a good frontman for this music, and the performances are obviously heartfelt. There are many tributes to Wills, and this is not the best one, but it is good and enjoyable. ~ William Ruhlmann

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas - 3:30
  2. 2. Time Changes Everything - 3:15
  3. 3. And God Created Texas - 2:57
  4. 4. Beneath a Neon Star - 2:24
  5. 5. Warm Red Wine - 3:47
  6. 6. New Road Under My Wheels - 2:27
  7. 7. Raindrops Falling in a River - 3:50
  8. 8. Jersey Bounce - 3:37
  9. 9. South of the Border - 3:52
  10. 10. Bob Said It "Aw" (And Called It Western Swing) - 2:52

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