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Review Text Welcome to the Dream Exchange... Throughout our lives we share our dreams with family and friends, and they share their dreams with us. If we're lucky we can help them activate and achieve their dreams and also work on achieving our own. How wonderful it is to experience and share in this Dream Exchange. ~ John Luttrell, April 2014 All tracks composed, performed, and produced by John Luttrell, except 'Interstellar Dust' co-written by John Luttrell and David Veirs Album mastering by Bryan Carrigan © 2014 by John Luttrell Reviews: 'Auditory bliss and atmospheres to set the mind, body and soul at ease, a literal musical cloud of beauty and grace' -Keith 'MuzikMan' Hannaleck New Age Music Reviews 'John Luttrell's 'The Dream Exchange' is surely among the best ambient albums I've listened to in the last five years; but, it's not 'just another ambient' affair... John calls his music 'atmospheric' for a very good reason - he draws on an extensive multi-cultural background to paint his visions for you in very clear, concise and enjoyable songs that will inspire you to new heights.' - Dick Metcalf, aka Rotcod Zzaj, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION magazine 'Guitarist/keyboardist John Luttrell takes the listener on an entertaining cruise through a dizzying landscape of prog, new age, and EM on The Dream Exchange. Meticulously recorded (produced by Luttrell himself and mastered by sound wizard Bryan Carrigan), the album sizzles with energy and imagination, frequently propelled by Luttrell's artistry on an assortment of guitars backed by his adroit command of a variety of keyboards and synths. [...] Luttrell drops in elements of classic prog-rock here and there (mellotron, mini-moog, retro synths), and on headphones it can be fun to pick these elements out if you are an old-timer like me. The Dream Exchange demonstrates John Luttrell's unique musical vision via it's guitar-driven soundscapes that flow forth from the speakers with power and imagination.' - Bill Binkelman Wind and Wire / Zone Music Reporter Equipment: Guitars - Fender Strat w/Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth and Digitech RP7, Line6 Variax 600 w/Line6 Pod XT, Gibson SJ Kristofferson acoustic, Aria AK-75 classical acoustic, Alamo Fiesta electric, various mandolins and ethnic stringed instruments Keyboards - Alesis QS7, Arturia KeyLab 61, Sequential Circuits SixTrak, Moog/Realistic MG-1, Alesis Quadrasynth S4 Effects - Zoom Studio 1201, Behringer Composer Pro-XL, Boss Flanger Album: The Dream Exchange Artist: John Luttrell Release Date: May 1, 2014 Recorded at: OtterSong Studios, Orange County, CA between 2010-2014 Description: Atmospheric, new age, ambient instrumental with acoustic, electric, and electronic guitars, acoustic and electronic keyboards, and ambient percussion. Mood: Dreamy, thoughtful, hopeful, whimsical Pronunciation of Luttrell LUTtrell rather than lutTRELL; Accent is on LUT, which rhymes with 'NUT' and trell ends the same as 'electrical'. In formal dictionary notation: lut-trell [luh-truh l]

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