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    Darkness & Light 0602 Sideburn Records

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Review Text This roots rocker shows his influences without being held back by them. This guitar-driven disc at times displays a wide variety of influences -- from Albert King to Dylan, early Carl Perkins to Jerry Reed -- sometimes in one song. It is a melting pot of eclecticism as far as the songwriting and guitar playing is concerned. His tunes carry much of that twang that is associated with hillbilly rock & roll, but it comes across through a filter of the '60s/'70s music scene that was percolating just under the horizon of FM music. He wrote or co-wrote all the tunes on this disc and each one is a good fit. He has the nasally vocals and the jangly guitars that sell each song as part of the whole. He has a variety of tunes, from the rocker that opens the disc, "Love Is the Only Rescue," through the funky "Muddy Water Under the Bridge," and there are some heartbreak pieces and a few that just won't fit any category. He also has some great help on this disc, including Allison Moorer, Richard Bennett, and Jimmy Hall. This is a strong disc that rips into each new song with a strong ferocity that brings the song home. You should hear more from John Bunzow in the future. ~ Bob Gottlieb

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Love Is the Only Rescue - 4:43
  2. 2. Long Gone Leavin' Train - 4:16
  3. 3. Straight Into the Sun - 5:53
  4. 4. Muddy Water Under the Bridge - 4:16
  5. 5. Pieces on the Ground - 5:30
  6. 6. Desolation Road - 4:34
  7. 7. Corner of Darkness and Light - 5:41
  8. 8. I'm Just Tryin' to Get By - 4:29
  9. 9. Ghost of a Man - 3:20
  10. 10. Choices Come Easy - 5:42
  11. 11. Chasin' Trains - 5:32

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