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Silent star Mary Pickford once referred to director William Desmond Taylor as "a very charming man who directed me in three very bad pictures." This was one of them. Not that he didn't have help in creating this anemic vehicle -- the story was written by Rupert Hughes and the scenario was by Frances Marion, both normally much more competent at their tasks. Johanna (Pickford) has spent the better part of her young life caring for her siblings and livestock on her father's Pennsylvania farm. She's never had a beau, but one day a whole regiment of soldiers camp out on her father's land and she is overrun by men. Lieutenant LeRoy (Emory Johnson) is utterly charmed by the girl, as is Private Vibbard (Monte Blue) and Captain Van Renssaller (Douglas MacLean), although the latter is loathe to admit it. Because of an understanding between the Lieutenant and the Private, the Private is faced with court martial. Johanna, however, gets everything straightened out. And when the Captain realizes that she comes from good, solid Dutch stock -- just like he does -- he decides to marry her when the regiment picks up camp and heads for the next town. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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